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Our lab has 7 years of experience. Don't take risks when it comes to chemicals.


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- We ship worldwide, exclude Russia. We don't make shipping to Russia under any circumstances!
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- All substances on our website are for research purposes only!!!
- We guarantee 99% shipping successes rate for almost every country around the world. 
- Free reship for almost all countries include USA.
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Now you can download our Excel Sheet with all the chemicals and the prices (there are also some chemicals who not appearing on our website) -


News (07/07/2021) -

New products are here -
a-PYP (exclusive a-PVP replacement)
DMXE (MXE alternative)
AD-18 (ADBB replacement)
5C-18 (5-CL replacement)

We want to remind you that we are offering now very strong Opioid shipping directly from Canada.

We also updated prices for the following products:

News (25/05/2021) -

Methylmethaqualone (Methaqualone {Quaaludes} analogue) is available now on our store!

News (1/04/2021) -

We added lots of new Pellets. You can find them in our Blotters / Pills category.
We added 2 new Dissociatives products - HXE & MxiPr. Both are MXE analogs!

News (1/03/2021) -

ALD-52 powder is back in stock.
New Stimulant made today Troparil.

News (2/12/2020) -

New Opioid #1 made today BUTONITAZENE.
New Opioid #2 made today ETONITAZEPYNE.
New Tryptamine made today 5-CHLORO-ΑMT.
We reduced the prices of 3-HO-PCP.
We also reduced the prices of 3-FLUORO-PCP (the product received very good feedback).

News (1/10/2020) -

New Opioid made today Propoxynitazene (isomer of Isotonitazene).
New great Stimulant called Mephedrene (5-MMPA) is here (Similar to 4MMC).
Very unique Dissociatives called 3-F-PCP also added.
We left with last stock of Etizolam. We already start to sell Etizolam-2 as replacement.

News (18/08/2020) -

Etazen (PURE) prices went down.
We added 
SildenafilI [Viagra] to our store.
New high quality Opioid available now - AP-238.
New unknown Stimulants produced nowadays A-D2PV. We are waiting to get your review about the product.


TG-Chemicals one of the most trusted and reliable research chemicals suppliers worldwide. We are the top vendor for customers for many RCs (noids, benzodiazepines, dissociative, tryptamines, phenethylamines, stimulants, opioids and more). We are the leading bulk supplier for all RCs compounds. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the highest quality products - all our compounds are sourced from the most reputable laboratories and analyzed by a third party before being offered to the market. We are happy to provide NMR and LCMS data for any of our products if requested.

We are a company from HK we have our lab suppler (mostly based in HK, but for some chemicals we use another labs around the world) and researchers who strive to offer unparalleled customer support to businesses and individuals across the world. We invite customers to contact us via the contact form or by email and endeavor to reply within 48 hours.

All our products are strictly for laboratory use only and are not approved for human consumption.

* All prices on our website are in accordance and calculated by grams (unless otherwise stated).

** All chemicals are shipped from countries where they are legal. TGC-RC does not take any responsibility in case that you chose to order a chemical from the our website that is not legal in your country and as a result you have encountered problems with the law.

*** TGC-RC disclaims any responsibility for any damage caused by use. We sell the chemicals not for human use. Any use made of the chemicals we provide is 100% at your own risk. Including an allergic reaction, a mistake of shipping with another chemical, overdosing, or any other unspecified cause.

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