• 5C-AKB-48

What is 5c-akb48?

5c-akb48 is a synthetic cannabinoid that is structualy related to the drug 5f-akb48, has a similar potency and reportedly delivers the same effects. Unlike most synthetic cannabinoids this drug is primarily sold as a white powder Synthetic cannabinoids are chemicals that appear to mimic the effect of THC (the active ingredient in Cannabis). Synthetic Cannabinoids are Pain relieving drugs that are usually sold as "incense" or "potpourri" and can be allot stronger than Cannabis, they are often sprayed onto a dried plant material so they have a similar appearance to Cannabis.This drug would usually be smoked either with or without tobacco in a joint/spliff, bong or pipe. The high would last a few hours.

What are the desired effects of 5c-akb48?

Calm, feeling relaxed, the giggles, the munchies What are the undesired effects of 5c-akb48? paranoia, feelings of fear, hallucinations at higher doses, psychosis, anxiety.

How can I reduce the harm that 5c-akb48 may cause?

synthetic cannabinoids are usually more potent than herbal cannabis, so a very small amount should be used, if smoking, use a pinch the size of a match stick head, and see how you get on, if you need more, you can have another, but its important to work slowly towards the high you want.

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