• Etomethazene (better substitute of oxycontin)


Orders less than 5 grams are going to be shipped from EUROPE to WORLDWIDE. All orders of 5 grams or above are from China!!

Etomethazene is an analog compound of etonitazene. This Opioid is very strong!!!

250mg Etomethazene = 30 pills of 80mg oxycontin each oh them! (ORAL DOSING)

The euphoria of Etomethazene  is extremely crazy.

Please be very careful with this product!!!

Etomethazene is highest quality opioid that you can get in 2023!!

It doesn't work with urine tests. The police cannot analyze it.

Please note, this product is substitute of Etomethazene! Very strong.

Pleas note, the shipping is tracked from China. If you want shipping directly from Europe for this product, we also can do it, but the price is much higher. You can contact us for it.

Customer Review:

I tried it Intramuscular as the way I usually run when doing opioids. Felt completely nothing. I contacted TGC and he asked me to try it orally and to let him to know if any effect. and WOW! This works really nicely! I feel great! Euphoria is wonderful! Haven't felt like this in a while!

Now we can also shipping this product to Australia at big quantity (1kg +). We guarantee delivery or reship.

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Etomethazene (better substitute of oxycontin)

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