• Mephedrene (5-MMPA)

Mephedrene (5-MMPA) is a novel invention. with comparable release properties as 4FA or 4MMC. It was derived from Methedrene (Methiopropamine) by adding a Mephedrone-like methyl group at the opposite end of the thiophene ring.

5-Methylmethiopropamine (5-MMPAMephedrene) is a stimulant drug which is a ring-substituted derivative of methiopropamine. It is not a substituted cathinone derivative like mephedrone, as it lacks a ketone group at the β position of the aliphatic side chain, but instead more closely resembles substituted amphetamines. It has been sold as a designer drug, first being identified in Germany in June 2020.

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Mephedrene (5-MMPA)

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