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Trip report (from Erowid):
A week previously, I had ingested < 1mg as an allergy/NBOMe test. No effects were noted. 

I had eaten an excellent meal about 5 hours prior for new years eve. Feeling comfortable and relaxed. 

0:00 20mg of 5-MeO-2-TMT is administered rectally in 3 mL of tap water. No discomfort is noted. 
0:02 Beginning to feel the effects. Indistinguishable from a threshold dose of 5-MeO-DMT. At a plus one. Begin listening to music. 

0:05 At a plus two. This is like 5-MeO-DMT with a clearer headspace and a more relaxing high. With 5-MeO-DMT I feel the need to constantly move but here I am comfortable sitting. Thoughts flow smoothly but I am easily distracted. 
0:10 Body is a bit cold. Wishing I had a better heating system. 
0:16 Feeling a slight headache. I take the headphones off, walk around a bit and it disperses. 
0:25 Listening to music again. There is a greatly enhanced stereo image. Every sound can be easily pinpointed in space. It feels as though my head is a giant sphere and the music flows through it like a liquid, leaving trails of condensation behind. 
0:40 Quite a bit of mucus production. No change in intensity. I notice it's harder to recognize patterns. Everything seems quite chaotic. 
1:00 At a plus one. 
1:30 Sleep comes easily. In the morning, I am completely at baseline with no apparent side effects. 

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I plan to try again at 35 and 50 mg. 

Trip report (from TiHKAL) :

75 - 150 mg, orally

5 - 10 hrs

with 65 mg, orally) "I felt the first intoxication at an hour. I was relaxed along with subtle day-dreaming to "Hearts of Space" music. I was sexually stimulated, with some heightening of intensity of orgasm. At the three hour point I seemed pretty much baseline. The rest of the day went without difficulty."

(with 90 mg, orally) "This was ingested in a capsule. Effects were first noted at 55 minutes with a feeling of relaxation and a mild impairment of fine motor skills. Sexual activity was initiated at the 90 minute point. Spinal tingles were felt and, although erection may have been slightly more difficult than normal to maintain, orgasm was phenomenal. This potentiation was confirmed three more times over the next three hours! Mild stomach fullness was felt but no other GI problems were noted. Significant appetite suppression was noted for the first five hours, after which food tasted fine. Music evoked closed-eye drifting of thoughts but no true visuals occurred with eyes open or closed. A faint tremor of the jaw and fingers could be noted with careful examination. The effects were barely noticeable at the five hour point, and were completely gone at seven hours. Sleep was broken by awakening every few hours with moderate thirst and dream activity seemed enhanced. There were no side-effects the following morning."

(with 120 mg, orally) "Unlike what I was told might happen, no sexual feelings were even remotely felt at any time during this experience. Thoughts seemed poorly connected and there was a feeling of being drugged with a sedative. Moderate chills and cold sensations occurred for several hours, requiring first a jacket and later a heating blanket. Time seemed moderately slowed and both respiration and pulse were reduced. Mild stomach fullness was noted, with indigestion. I was not hungry. No other GI problems occurred. Everything faded at about the five hour point, when I got very hungry and thirsty. My sleep was not comfortable, and the next morning I was still a little bit jittery."

(with 150 mg, orally) "No effects were felt until the 55 minute point, when a mild degree of intoxication began. At seventy minutes mild nausea and gastric fullness was apparent. There was a loss of fine motor skills and I found it hard to walk. My peripheral visual field has a waviness to it. Both television and a radio talk show became completely uninteresting and difficult to follow, and a feeling of sadness and despair became overwhelming. No music could change these feelings, although there definitely were pronounced closed-eye visuals by the 100 minute point. Emotions were extremely labile, going from profound crying to calm and back in a period of twenty minutes. I saw every defect and failure in my life and, although very sad, I recognized some things that I will correct in the future. Apparent body temperature fluctuations were continuous, going from being hot to chilled over and over again (actual body temperature was not measured). It was impossible to get comfortable for several hours. The stomach distress continued throughout the entire experience, with a moderately severe stomach aching during the third and fourth hours. 

"By the sixth hour I could again watch television, and I did so while waiting for the experience to end. Some residual effects were still present at nine hours, but sleep thereafter was uneventful. No eating, or even drinking of water, was possible until the eighth hour, at which time small sips of water were tolerated. I awoke several times during the night and took in additional small amounts of water, but still arose the next morning very dehydrated. There were no other apparent hang-over effects."

This is certainly a hallucinogenic at a dosage of 150 mg orally, and can be compared with 300 mg of mescaline hydrochloride. This exact same chemical, if you were to remove that tiny, little, bitty methyl group at the indolic 2-position, would become the remarkably potent material 5-MeO-DMT. But this latter stuff must be smoked or injected to show any activity at all. It is known that a methyl group on the alpha-carbon of a tryptamine blocks assess of a deaminating enzyme allowing oral activity. I wonder if the methyl group on the 2-position is doing the same job of getting in the way.

At modest dosages in the 70-80 mg area orally, Indapex is both relaxing and sexually stimulating. The highest dosages studied seem to reveal a toxic component and few subjects chose to repeat these levels.

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