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Allylescaline (4-allyloxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine) is a lesser-known psychedelic drug. It is closely related in structure to mescaline. Allylescaline was first synthesized by Otakar Leminger in 1972. The compound was later synthesized by Alexander Shulgin and further described in his book PiHKAL. The dosage range is listed as 20–35 mg, and the duration 8–12 hours. Allylescaline produces an entactogenic warmth, an entheogenic effect, and a feeling of flowing energy. Very little data exists about the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of allylescaline.

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Allylescaline, or 4-allyloxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine, is a substituted phenethylamine featuring a phenyl ring bound to an amino -NH2 group through an ethyl chain. Escaline contains two methoxy functional groups CH3O- which are attached to carbons R3, and R5 and an additional allyloxy group at carbon R4 of the phenyl ring. Allylescaline is the 4-allyloxy analog of mescaline.

Allylescaline, also referred to as 4-allyloxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine, is research compounds that is not well-known. The IUPAC name for Allylescaline is 4-Allyloxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine 4-Allyloxy-3,5-dimethoxy-1-ethylami with the molecular formula being C13H19NO3 and a molecular weight of 237.29 g/mol. Allylescaline is known to have an average mass of 237.294998 Da and a monoisotopic mass of 237.136002 Da.


I've decided to write this report because it was my third experience with the substance, so I felt completely comfortable with knowing its effect.

8:00pm - The substance was taking in the bathroom of a music venue. It took 45-60 minutes for the effects to be entirely present, so it's important to be patient.
I sat on the sideline and awaited its beauty.

I began to think about my surrounding and everybody there. Since I was not with any friends, I started to look into myself and it was comforting. I would have preferred to be with people I knew because this substance makes me want to give love. I just wanted to give everyone around me a hug and tell them I love them. Sadly I felt I couldn't do that because I was around a majority of people who were older than me and I felt it harder to connect.

10:00pm - I was out of the threshold and during the best songs I would close my eyes and have the most beautiful CEV's. The majority of its visuals were closed eye (which I prefer). The closed eye imagery brought me back to my first trip on LSD. It was so beautiful I was almost started crying because I wanted to share it so badly. I could see how this might be closer to a ++ for more intense trippers but it was perfect for the setting I was in.

12:00am - The show ended and I am still at a definite ++. Once I'm out of the venue I begin to walk around while I wait for a friend to pick me up. As I'm leaning up against a wall watching people pass by, they all start to seem so funny. Everyone their own special character.

This chemical will made me laugh! (Especially combined with a bit of cannabis)

12:30am - I get home and lay down to listen to music and enjoy the visuals.

2:00am - the effects begin to diminish but it takes a while.

4:00am - I finally get to sleep

Woke up the next morning very tired but in good spirits.

My opinion of this chemical is that it should be used as an anti-depressant (At least in to 20-30mg range. 40mg If someone wants a good 'roll' type feeling.) It definitely interacts with the heart chakra and for most people I'd assume it to be healing. I was in a bad place the first time I did it and it brought love back into my heart.


POSITIVE: Euphoria, internal giddiness, relaxation, empathy, tingly goodness, creativity, vivid CEV's, mild OEV's, adaptability.

NEUTRAL: Mild eye dilation (increases with dosage), mood swings, mild increase in body temperature (nothing to the point of being like MDMA), yawning.

NEGATIVE: Triasmus


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