EPT or as it's formally known, N-Ethyl-N-propyltryptamine, is a lesser-known novel psychedelic substance that resides in the tryptamine class. Handle with care...if accidentally administered, EPT will cause psychedelic effects. It is structurally related to other tryptamines such as DMT, MET, DET, and DPT.

Trip report:


I weighed out 55mgs my last attempt was at 35mgs. 7:25 i snort it all at once the first thing I noticed was that it smelled like listerine yet like a indole compound. I decided too lay down and put on a glass animals soundtrack before the comeup.

7:35 I'm fully engaged in the experience the comeup was abrupt It didn't really build up for me it just happened. My thought process wasn't really altered I noticed some slight headspace but it wasn't really that profound. The visuals were intensely beautiful, intricate,an colorful my visual field was covered in oscillating patterns . With closed eyes and open eyes at one point I swiped my hand in front of my face an had some crazy tracers follow behind. The music was interacting with my visuals as i layed on my bed having some of the most intense body tremors I've ever had. Which is my only complaint about ept cause god dame was i trembling luckily no one seen me in that state.

Gradually everything started to settle down and by 7:55 I was certain I was coming down.This is all I got for now I hope somebody here finds this helpful thanks for reading and I love you all unconditionally.


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