• EtaZen (5ml liquid) [OUT OF STOCK]

Etazen (5ml liquid). Etonitazene analog.

Etazen (eto-des-nitazene) is new, safer heroine and fentanyl replacement

More euphoric than heroine and fentanyl analogs.

It is a solution with a concentration of 30mg / 1ml in propylene glycol. You will receive 5ml so total 150mg of Etazen.


Doesn't show up in urine tests

The product ships from Europe worldwide with tracking number included.

Order is per bottle of liquid. If you order "1" you will receive one bottle of 5ml. If you order "12" you will receive 12 bottles of 5ml each of them.


Etazen (Eto-des-nitazene), etonitazene analog




EtaZen – zen master. This saying perfectly captures the nature of etazen and other opioids. I will share some insight on routes of administration.

A) Smoking – tobacco laced with etazen
This is an inefficient method I do not recommend. A large portion of etazen literally burns. You need to burn more stuff to get the desired effect. A waste for experienced users.

B) Vaping mixes with caffeine or mannitol in a meth pipe. That’s a good method of consumption, not much product is wasted and will quickly log you out of reality.

C) Sniff – for opioids, sniff works very well. Usually sniffing was weak for me, but etazen used this way was powerful. It’s surprisingly good.

D) Nasal spray. The 6mg / 1ml concentration works very well. When you start dosing it, the bottle goes empty very quickly.

E) IV – Neither me nor my friends do not use in a vein.

I have some kind of tolerance and I will not write about my doses. I will describe a friend who studied spray.
His weight is 120 kg. At the party he was under the influence of amphetamine. He didn’t take opioids before. He put in his nose 2 doses of spray with a concentration of 6 mg / 1 ml. One dose is 0.15-0.2 ml, so he took a dose of about 1 mg into his nose. It was enough to make his legs soft and assume the position of “skier”. I had to help him sit in an armchair.

As for all opioids, the Compound is very active and you should be careful when using it.

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EtaZen (5ml liquid) [OUT OF STOCK]

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