3C-P is a psychedelic phenethylamine. It has structural and pharmacodynamic properties similar to the drugs mescalineproscaline, and amphetamine. Little information exists on the human pharmacology of 3C-P, but a psychedelic dosage appears to be 20–40 mg,] and is accompanied by stimulant and psychedelic effects such as visual enhancement and distortion. It can be synthesized from syringaldehyde by reaction with n-propyl iodide followed by condensation with nitroethane and reduction.

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I was at a banging party and I bumped into an old friend who decided he wanted to try and stitch me up on some random drugs. At first I refused, but as the sun rose, the craving for acid hit me. After a night of intense pilling, he took me to some long-haired hippie who had a small, squeezable vial with oriental writing on it. It had a green color, and he said he would only give it to me if I was to take it up my nose. So my friend handed over the money and I bent my head back, and this hippie bastard decided to pour nine drops of the mint-tasting liquid up my nose.

Within fifteen minutes, I was getting outlines of blues and reds around things but in a static way, similar to acid, but I had a weedy bong and within two seconds of that I had entered into the most hallucinogenic experience of my life. Lots of colors, almost like the visualization on a computer media player, but on people's faces and in the sky. Communication with others was very difficult, as nothing seemed real *AT ALL*. It was like every trip I would ever have done, all at once.


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