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The working principle of the TDP-5 Single Punch Tablet Press is the same as for any other tablet press: The TDP-5 Single Punch Tablet Press is filled with the respective quantity of powder or granulate. Pressure is then applied by the punch of the tablet press and the powder or granulate is pressed into the desired shape.

The TDP-5 Single Punch Tablet Press is versatile and convenient to use. It convinces above all by its speed in tablet production. Particularly advantageous is the fact that it can be operated manually as well as via connection to the power supply.

What advantages does the TDP-5 Single Punch Tablet Press offer?

In addition to the features mentioned above, the TDP-5 Single Punch Tablet Press offers numerous other advantages for use in science, research and industry:

  • Cost-effective: The TDP-5 Single Punch Tablet Press pays for itself within a very short time. The apparently large investment pays off for users after only a short time of use or operation. Also use the calculator at the top of the tabs and see for yourself how quickly the TDP-5 Single Punch Tablet Press pays for itself!
  • Development of new products:: The TDP-5 Single Punch Tablet Press is ideally suited for the development of new products, because it works with a quantity of only 200 grams of raw materials. In this way you avoid unnecessary risks: If you have a limited budget, this means that you do not need to waste expensive active ingredients before you know if your tablet mix is pressing and working properly.
  • Any shape is possible: To make you stand out from the competition and rivals, you can choose a shape and size that is perfectly suited to your brand – tailor-made, so to speak.
  • Fast production speed:: The TDP-5 Single Punch Press produces 4,800 tablets per hour. Although the machine is basically designed for small batches, if your business grows fast and runs well, the TDP-5 Single Punch Press can still keep up and produce the desired amount of tablets.
  • Free choice: The filling depth of the TDP-5 Single Punch Press is 18 mm – so there is enough space for an effective dose of your active ingredient.
  • Quiet operation: A quiet motor and low vibration ensure that the TDP-5 Single Punch Press runs smoothly and shows little disruption during operation.

Is the TDP-5 Single Punch Press also suitable for beginners?

This question can be answered with a clear yes: The simple operation also helps beginners who are new to tablet production. In addition, there are numerous tutorials that help with the operation of the TDP-5 Single Punch Press. If you’re still concerned: The TDP-5 Single Punch Press is particularly popular with beginners – after all, around 80 percent of users have never had any experience in this area before.

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Technical data

Max. Pressure50Kn
Max. Tablet diameter20mm
Max. Depth of the filling12mm
Max. Thickness of the tablet6mm
Production capacity5000PC/h
Power750W.1400r/min 220V 50Hz

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